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Are you interested to find out what condition your underground sewers are in? If so, feel free to contact our team at Drain Go Plumbing for comprehensive sewer inspection, repair and replacement. To make an appointment or for a free consultation call us at (111) 111-1111 today.

At Drain Go, our team of plumbing professionals is constantly on the look out for the best and most advanced sewer repair and replacement technologies. Whether you are located in Alabama, Tennessee or Mississippi, you can count on our high-quality services and advanced sewer replacement techniques. In our years of experience with sewer replacement and repair, we have demonstrated that we are unique in our reliability, efficiency and attention to detail. If you are interested in hearing what others have to say about us, take a look at some of our reviews and testimonials from former clients.

How Do We Conduct Sewer Replacement and Inspection?

Sewer inspection is a difficult task and it should only be conducted by licensed and trained plumbing experts. Sewer lines are narrow spaces that are hard to reach and in the past inspection was always a tedious and dangerous activity. However, with the appearance of sewer line video cameras, inspecting underground sewers has become much easier.

Before we perform a repair or installation, we always make sure to check the state of your sewers with a specially tailored sewer camera. By mounting a camera on a flexible rod, we are able to maneuver through snake-like underground sewer lines. This allows us to locate the cause of your sewer problem easily and make sure that we are able to take the necessary steps to repair and potentially replace your sewer properly.

When Should You Consider Sewer Line Replacement?

Sewer line replacement is a lot of work, but sometimes certain households have to consider it. Take a look at some of the most common reasons for replacing sewer lines:

  • Sewers that get blocked frequently and require repair on a regular basis
  • Sewers that have been damaged for some reason and have become worn out and corroded
  • Sewers that are simply old and require too much work to be repaired entirely
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