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Garbage Disposal Plumbing Services

Most homes nowadays have garbage disposal units, but people generally tend to misuse them by discarding large pieces of garbage or food residue. However, the garbage disposal is an appliance intended to shred small pieces of food leftover from a meal rather than act as an all-purpose garbage can. A garbage disposal that has been overloaded with large food particles can get damaged, clogging the kitchen sink and jamming the pipes underneath. Many of the plumbing service calls that we receive at Drain Go Plumbing are a result of the damage and clogging in peoples’ garbage disposal units.

If you have a sink that is clogged or that takes a long period of time to drain, you are definitely in need of thorough kitchen drain cleaning. At Drain Go Plumbing we have years of experience in drain cleaning, repairing garbage disposal units and even replacing disposals if they are beyond repair. Whatever the nature of your issue, we are at your service to help you get your sink working again in no time.

Simple and Effective Garbage Disposal Repair

We believe that trying to repair your own garbage disposal unit without any prior plumbing experience is dangerous. However, if you have some basic knowledge of how your unit operates and you would like to try to repair it on your own, you might want to try the following steps:

  • Turn on your garbage disposal unit and listen to hear whether you can hear it hum. If it hums but it’s not operating properly, it is possible that a jam has occurred.
  • Press the reset button that is usually found at the bottom of the garbage disposal.
  • If the reset button doesn’t work, first make sure that the power switch is turned off and then use a flashlight to shine light into the drain.
  • Try to find the object that is jamming your disposal. This could be something like a coin, a staple or even a piece of plastic.
  • If you have spotted the object causing the jam, try to remove it by using something like metal pliers. Never put your hands into the garbage disposal!
  • Some garbage disposal units have hex wrenches taped to the underside of the disposer. If so, check for a slot where this wrench can be inserted and turned in order for the jam to be cleared.
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